liquidity without leakage
What we do...
AQUA operates a block trading solution, linking the liquidity of brokers and institutions directly to the desktops of the largest institutional investors. The AQUA model presents buyside traders with opportunities to trade blocks with Aqua Price Discovery and absolutely no pre-trade information leakage.


  • Zero information leakage
  • Zero HFT
  • Zero salestrading
How we do it...
Aqua’s model is clear and straightforward: the liquidity provider initiates the trade by choosing the time/size/price, and presents a qualified buyside liquidity taker with an opportunity to trade the block. Through this process there is zero information leakage, zero exposure to HFT and zero interaction from a salestrading desk.


Who we are...
Aqua is powered by a team of experienced financial markets professionals with over 100 combined years in the electronic marketplace. We are passionate about building a superior equity market structure