• Unique Block Liquidity

  • No Unwanted Information Leakage

  • 25OO Share Minimum Order Inhibits HFT


Aqua’s value proposition is clear: eliminate the information leakage from block trading and gain access to new block liquidity. When you eliminate the information leakage, you can reduce an order’s interaction with high-frequency liquidity, achieve larger average trade sizes, and improve a trader’s overall performance.


Aqua’s simple, intuitive solution brings the elusive large order directly and conveniently to the institutional trader’s desktop. Orders submitted to Aqua are narrowcast to buyside traders holding the contra order among the idle shares in their order management blotters. Buyside traders receive large, priced, executable orders that fit them exactly, and are displayed prominently on their screen.


Aqua makes no intrusive inquiries and does not centralize or by any means take in proprietary pre-trade client information for any sort of comparison, analysis or sales trading. Aqua does not treat client pre-trade orders as indications of interest. Aqua’s method permits clients to keep their order information to themselves.  Instead of extracting data from the buyside, Aqua delivers information to buyside traders.  Aqua’s encrypted market data is essentially dark to everyone except a buyside trader working the contra side.  Only a buyside trader holding the contra-side may view an order resting in Aqua. Nobody is told when an order becomes visible in this way, so no inferences can be drawn and no information escapes.


Aqua is the true alternative creating new opportunities for traders to find block liquidity, to achieve larger average trade sizes and to improve overall trading performance.